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2019 AASP Taipei Successfully Ended! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  

Kuo Shu Yang Medal Presentation

Susumu Yamaguchi

Bio  Emeritus Professor at University of Tokyo
Dr. Yamaguchi’s research focuses on indigenous aspects of Japanese such as amae. He is also interested in control orientations and implicit and explicit attitudes toward the self. He is one of the founders and former presidents of the Asian Association of Social Psychology.

Topic  Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Asian Social Psychology: A legacy of Prof. Kuo-Shu Yang.
The importance of indigenous perspectives in Asian Social Psychology cannot be overemphasized. The late Prof. Kuo-Shu Yang was a champion of indigenous psychology movements in Asia. Unfortunately, however, such perspectives have not been prevalent in the current Asian social psychology. In my presentation, I will reiterate his message based on my own experience as a former EIC of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology. In discussing the need for indigenous perspectives, I will refer to my own research with my collaborators on such topics as super-ordinary bias (i.e., exaggerated sense of being ordinary) and modesty, which may appear to be unique among Japanese or Asians. The apparently unique social psychological phenomena in Japan and Asian cultures in general point to the existence of unique cultural milieu rather than unique nature of Japanese or Asian mentality.

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