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2019 AASP Taipei Successfully Ended! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  

Presidential Address

Hoon-Seok Choi

Bio Professor at Sungkyunkwan University
Dr. Choi’s research focuses on cultural processes, intergroup relations, and health behavior. His research has been published in leading professional journals. Dr. Choi is the President Elect of AASP, and received the High Achievement Award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea.

Topic  A new model of IND-COL that suggests us what to do within and between groups
The nature of the relationship between the individual and the group has been at the core of research on individualism-collectivism (IND-COL). This past work has produced a massive body of comparative knowledge on, for example, how the West and the East differ from each other. Although informative, this sort of descriptive work does not give us a coherent answer to the question of what people might do in the era of cultural convergences. Indeed, the more recent work on IND-COL suggests that asking whether one form of culture is better than the other may be too simplistic and even dangerous. More importantly, a simple dichotomy between IND-COL does not adequately capture the dynamic changes in Asian countries where people must negotiate their experiences between the traditional collectivistic values and the Western notion of independence. In this presentation, I will introduce a new model that specifies joint positive effects of collectivistic values and independent self-views within and between groups (SYM-COIN). With this, I will discuss directions for future research and how we Asian scholars can contribute to the advancement of social psychology.

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