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2019 AASP Taipei Successfully Ended! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  

Visa Applications

  Visa Requirement

    To check whether your nation is eligible for visa-exempt entry, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  Visa Applications

    Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Academia Sinica


   1. Taoyuan Airport and Taoyuan Metro are adjacent to each other Google map around Taoyuan International Airport.

   2. Both Taipei Main Station and Nangang Station are Three-rail Terminal Station (train, MRT, Taiwan High Speed Rail).

   3. To take bus from Nangang Station to Academia Sinica, please get out from Nangang Station Exit No.2,turn right and transfer buses 212(Express/Shuttle), 270 or BL25 then get off at Academia Sinica Stop.
   P.S. If you wanna get to Academia Sinica from Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, please go to the bus stop across Exit 5, take a bus (212, 276, 306, 620, 645, 679, 205, S5, S1, S12) and get off at Academia Sinica stop.

   4.To use public transportation in Taipei, bringing an EasyCard with yourself is recommended.

Accommodation and Tours


Activities Center of Academia Sinica
★ Located in Academia Sinica
Green World Hotel Nangang
Drive (to Academia Sinica): 5-7 min 
Forward Hotel (Nangang) 
Drive (to Academia Sinica): 7-9 min 
Courtyard by Marriott  
Drive (to Academia Sinica): 7 min 

  Travel ( Taipei Vacation Travel Video)

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  A private door-to-door transportation service, which is 30% less than hailing a taxi and Uber for mid-to-long range ride. (EN) (中)

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  A travel platform you can book private tours, shared tours or custom tour. (EN) (中)


    Main Attractions in Taipei

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National Palace Museum  

The National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of invaluable Chinese art treasures, one which spans nearly 5,000-year history of China. Most of the  over 600,000 art objects in the museum were part of the Chinese imperial collection, which began more than 1,000 years ago in the early Song dynasty. Read more.

  Official Website      Transportation

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National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall  

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is situated in east side of Taipei and is near Taipei City Government. The hall was constructed to commemorate the great founding father of R.O.C., Dr. Sun Yat-sen and was built on his 100th birthday. The building is inspired by Chinese palace's structure, which is grand and beauteous. There is a statue of founding father in the building for people to pay their respect. There are also some exhibitions of historical items related to the creation of R.O.C. Read more.

  Official Website

  Transportation: take the MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line) to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station and leave the station through Exit 4.

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Situated in the finest district Taipei has to offer, TAIPEI 101 is the greatest engineering project ever in the history of the Taiwan construction business. The design transcends the uni-body concept and is based on the Chinese number 8, which is long considered lucky in Chinese culture. Eight-floor structural units are joined one by one on top of each other to form the whole. This kind of rhythmic aesthetic is modern to skyscrapers. Read more.

  Official Website      Transportation

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall  

Located in the heart of Taipei City, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is 250,000 square meters, and it is the attraction most visited by foreigners. Outside the gate of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, there are poles with the sign of true rightness. The architecture of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is inspired by Tiantan in Beijing. Read more.

  Official Website      Transportation

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Shilin Night Market  

As one of the largest night markets in Taipei, Shilin Night Market was built as early as in 1899 and is famous for a variety of snacks and eatery. Many visitors have come to Shilin Night Market to enjoy the delicious foods, such as chicken fillet, stinky tofu, pig blood cake or Shilin sausage. Shilin Night Market has become a renowned place for savory foods. Read more.

  Official Website 

  Transportation: take the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line (Red Line) to the Jiantan Station and leave the station through Exit 1.

For more attractions in Taipei, please visit Tourism Bureau.


    Using Public Transport and Taxis

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Taipei MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)   Route Map

As one of the most often used public transportation, MRT can lead you to many tourist attractions, such as Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Shilin Night Market, and other business districts and administrative districts shown on the route map.

  How to take?

You can take the MRT by EasyCard(recommended) or tokens. Tokens for the MRT can be bought in each MRT station. The fare depends on the length of your trip.

For more details, please visit metro Taipei.

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Some places are more easily approached by bus or combination of both MRT and bus, like National Palace Museum. Bus route of Taipei city are more sophisticated than MRT system. So, to take a bus for transportation, having some apps or local people as your tour guide is recommended.

  How to take?

You can take bus in Taipei by EasyCard(recommended) or coins. If you pay by coins, exact coin fare is needed when boarding the bus. No change will be given back. The fare might be one-section fare or two-section fare, depending on the length of your trip.

For more details, please visit Taipei eBus.

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Taxis in Taiwan are generally yellow-colored. You can hail for a taxi just aside an road or make reservation through any taxi company(e.g., Taiwan Taxi).



  What's EasyCard?

    EasyCard is an electronic ticket which integrates a variety of payments, such as MRT system, bus, TRA and purchase in many kinds of stores.

  Where to buy?

    These standard fare cards cost NT$100 each, exclusive of a deposit and balance. Four major convenience stores (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart), information centers at Taipei/Taoyuan/Kaohsiung Metro stations, and the EasyCard Corporation Customer Service Center.

  Where to top up?

    You can top up your EasyCard in each MRT station or convenience stores with the EasyCard mark on the doors (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart, and I-MEI Foods) throughout Taiwan, by service providers or add-value machines.

For more details, please visit EasyCard Corporation.



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