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2019 AASP Taipei Successfully Ended! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  

Submissions are closed

The Deadline for submissions was February 28th ,2019.

Submission of an abstract implies the commitment that the presenting author will have the financial resources to register for and attend the conference. 

The notification will be sent before early April 2019 (via the email: The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept and decline abstracts.

Paper Presentations

This refers to individual papers on research study or documentation of psychological practice. These presentations will be clustered into a maximum of five papers per session (about 15 to 20 minutes per presentation) based on a common theme. To facilitate the grouping into clusters, please take care in providing relevant keywords in your abstract submission. For presentations with multiple authors, kindly designate a main or primary presenter.


Organised Symposium

A symposium refers to a set of four different presentations (about 20 minutes per presentation) that cluster around a common topic, issue or subject matter with the aim of providing complementary or divergent views and perspectives. To foster inter-institutional collaboration, it is encouraged that presenters in the symposium come from at least two different institutions. Preference will be given for symposium featuring participants from different countries. Organisers have the right to not accept all papers in the symposia or reorganise a symposium should the need arise. 


Poster Presentation

Posters involve the use of a visual aid to illustrate a study. The authors present their research study on a 1.2 m high x 1.8 m wide free-standing bulletin board. Push pins will be provided to affix the poster.  Presenters are expected to talk about their research during their assigned schedules. Guidelines for the poster size and content will be given to accepted papers.


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