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2019 AASP Taipei Successfully Ended! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  

2019 AASP Conference theme

The main theme of the 13th biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP) is “Consolidating the future of Culture-Oriented Psychology: Progress and achievements”, in which based on the 3rd AASP conference, also hosted by Academia Sinica in 1999. In that year, the 3rd AASP conference started an inspired discussion among three main fields on Asian social psychology: the perspectives of cross-cultural psychology, cultural psychology, and indigenous psychology. These inspiring dialogues thereby contributed to a classic special issue of Asian Journal of Social Psychology in 2000 (Volume 3, Issue 3). Now, based on two decades of the research findings on Asian social psychology, in 2019 AASP, we have decided to make deep reflections on both theoretical and empirical developments, and hope to bring innovative integrations on different psychological perspectives in order to consolidate future directions Asian social psychology.

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