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Submissions are Closed! Thanks for All Contributors! 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology(AASP) in Taipei  


 Keynote Speakers

Shinobu Kitayama

Bio  Professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
        Current editor of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Prof. Kitayama’s research focuses on cultural variations in self, cognition, emotion, and motivation. Over the last two decades, he has applied a variety of experimental methods to illustrate a wide array of East-West differences in psychological processes. His recent work has explored regional, social class, as well as age differences and similarities in psychological tendencies to understand their socio-cultural underpinnings.

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Michele J. Gelfand

Bio Professor at University of Maryland

Prof. Gelfand’s research focuses on cross-cultural social and organizational psychology. She has published her work in many scientific outlets. In 2018, her book Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire the World explains variations in the strength of social norms and punishments across human cultures.

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Jin Li

Bio Professor at Brown University

Prof. Li’s research focuses on East Asian virtue-oriented and Western mind-oriented learning models and how these models shape children’s learning beliefs and achievement. Her research has been published in leading professional journals, and her 2012 book Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West synthesizes related research over the past decades and offers new perspectives on the indispensable role of culture in human learning.

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Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Bio Professor at Kaohsiung Medical University and the Emeritus Professor at National Taiwan University

Prof. Hwang’s research focuses on Chinese indigenous psychology in terms of the Confucius mind theory. He has been published in several leading journals, and wrote more than ten academic books. His 2012 book Foundations of Chinese Psychology: Confucian Social Relations demonstrates the basics of Confucionism and compares them to Western thinking, constructing a series of psychological theories concerning social exchange, face, achievement motivation, organizational behaviors, and conflict resolution.

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 Kuo Shu Yang Medal Presentation

Susumu Yamaguchi

Bio Professor at Nara University

Dr. Yamaguchi’s research focuses on indigenous aspects of Japanese such as amae. He is also interested in control orientations and implicit and explicit attitudes toward the self. He is one of the founders and former presidents of the Asian Association of Social Psychology.

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 Presidential Address

Hoon-Seok Choi

Bio Professor at Sungkyunkwan University

Prof. Choi’s research focuses on the link between cultural orientation of individuals and their behavior within and between groups. His research has been published in leading journals. Prof. Choi is the President-Elect of AASP, and received the High Achievement Award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea.

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 Featured Presentations (more will be announced soon)

Gustavo Carlo

Bio  Professor at University of Missouri

Prof. Carlo research focuses on how culture influence on the prosocial and moral development among children and adolescents. He has published his work in many scientific outlets, and is now the Millsap Endowed Professor of Diversity and Multicultural Studies, and the co-director and the founder of Center for Children and Families Across Cultures at University of Missouri.

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Steven Heine

Bio  Professor at the University of British Columbia 

Prof. Heine is the Distinguished Professor at the University of British Columbia. His research focuses on cultural psychology with an emphasis on the differences such as self-esteem and self-concept between Western and East Asian culture. He is the author of many top journal articles and writes many books in social and cultural psychology.

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